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Feminizovaná semena konopí producentů z Royal Queen Seeds obsahují Indika, Sativa i CBD odrůdy - semena konopí Praha Letná Gorilla Glue Auto je velice silný hybridní kmen, jenž produkuje krasně pryskyřičnaté palice s výbornou borovicovou vůní. Původní Gorilla Glue #4 byl vytvořen Joesy Whalesem a Mardoggem. After months of R&D and product testing, we’re mixing it up with a brand new wax for cartridges and pods that are loaded with CBN and CBD. Founded by Seth and Eric Crawford, Oregon CBD is “one of the world’s leading, wholly independent cannabis breeding companies, with research and production, sited dotting the rolling hills of Oregon’s picturesque Willamette Valley.” Oregon Live hit up a few cannabis experts to find out which strains could help get us through all the chaos that could ensue during the presidential debate.

I would like to reduce lawn irrigation to conserve my well water. Instead, this proved contemplative.

Apr 06, 2016 · If you want to know what the 'central' part of Tokyo is in terms of things to do, eg: the most lively/bustling areas of Tokyo, then it's Shinjuku or Shibuya. The CBD is Marunouchi or Kasumigaseki, but these are the financial and political areas of the city which are … OGC by Organic G Cannabis, Medical Marijuana Test Results BudGenius Medical Marijuana test results for OGC. Strain ID: BG0010001EA41. Read marijuana analysis reports by the most trusted name in alternative medicine! Tested for Organic G Cannabis.

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Oregon puts kibosh on “Girl Scout Cookies,” “Charlotte’s Web,” 18 other strain names that “appeal to children” – but only the names.

CBD Crew presents here their CBD version of the OG Kush marijuana, a strain with earthy and floral aroma and a THC:CBD ratio that ranges from 1:2 to 1:5. CBD OG Kush is a 75% Indica hybrid which develops a more compact structure than the… A high CBD strain with an allowance for relief, and satisfaction Køb nu! CBD olie, cremer og kapsler fra Cibdol. Cannabisolie fra let behov til ekstra stærk behov. Gennemtestede kvalitets produkter. Levering lige til døren.